If even variables need to be declared why not declare me for you?

Shigeru Miyamoto.

As Shigeru Miyamoto says, in other words it would be like "show your existence", well, here I am to tell you that I am looking for new horizons, new challenges. The world of games awakened this feeling in me: the ambition to explore new worlds, discover new lands. It is the desire to want to be part of a game project, to develop a game of my own authorship or as a team, to revolutionize this immense universe that makes me have courage and bravery in order to overcome all the difficulties of being attached to a new area, what I've always been passionate about.


I currently own a micro-enterprise in the furniture sector, founded in mid-2010 and still operating. Throughout its development I was able to implement technological tools, which resulted in greater project scalability, shorter deadlines for more demand, standards and work processes, improvements and quality leveling that were essential. Only after many years did other companies of the same size begin to realize this type of strategy.


When I was 22 I noticed a Unity logo on a game that I really liked. Interested, I decided to do some research and was totally excited by the game development process. From that day on, I saw games in a different way. It was as if every moment I inhaled and exhaled the air I wanted to feel how it was done “inside”, like something palpable.


During this time, I always tried to create my projects, however there was not enough time for that, which, consequently, ended up being sidelined. Therefore, I thought that I should enroll in a higher education course, because that way I would discipline myself and give the best of myself, because when I make a commitment I make a point of fulfilling it with due effort and dedication. Therefore, I graduated from Centro Universitário Senac with the aim of pursuing a career in the games area.


Now 35 years old, I have acquired structural stability, being able to disconnect from my micro-enterprise, I recognize that I am prepared to face all my goals and become a professional of excellence in this area. But calm down, don't be scared! I am aware that initially I will earn less. Everything is fine!








Digital Games Developer graduated from higher education, Senac University Center 2020.